We are a go-getter team of creative composers, copywriters, designers, dreamers, tech boffs, out-of-the-box thinkers and sales enthusiasts dedicated to providing on-trend and breakthrough solutions to businesses seeking expertise in the sales and digital space. With most brick-and-mortar businesses now turning to digital, we pride ourselves in offering professional strategies and innovative ideas towards transforming any business into its own online prodigy.

 Through countless coffees, long days and even longer nights, our key focus is to drive high quality, smouldering hot leads straight into our client’s pockets – backed by a band of relatively normal yet slightly eccentric, sales and marketing gurus.

Jenny Purchase

Co-Founder, Driver and contagiously energetic Pace Setter

Jenny is a highly motivated, inspirational, energetic and enthusiastic leader. With a background in Public Relations, she spent 7 years at Woolworths, 4 of which were honing her managerial skills. For the past 25 years Jenny has successfully led both Sales and Operations teams in the Logistics Industry and has represented the Africa Region globally on two occasions at Board Level. She is a seasoned professional with experience that spans the full spectrum of supply chain skills. Her real passion however lies in Sales. From strategy to execution, she has successfully led teams in excess of 200 people. Responsible for delivering results through people, she is a strong believer in the training, coaching and mentoring of Sales Leaders. Jenny’s drive and go get ‘em attitude has led to her many meritorious career achievements.

Interesting Facts about Jenny:

  • Jenny is a keen wildlife enthusiast, who has shared a car ride with a baboon, been chased by black rhino and had her car crunched by an elephant! In her down time Jenny always jumps at the opportunity to escape to the bush and unwind in the heart of nature.
  • Jenny is a naturally talented sportswoman, and has spent many of her sporting years on the hockey field. Jenny’s natural knack for leadership and team playing has helped her excel both on and off the field.
  • Jenny has an 18 year old son, Warwick – an extremely talented golfer, who has been scouted to attend a university in the USA on a golf scholarship.

Tayla Johnson-Barker

Co-Founder, Digital-Boff and Head of all Things Creative

Tayla has spent the last six years working in a sales and marketing environment, with an exceptionally strong administration and customer service background. Her inherent people skills combined with her natural artistic flair and creative eye, makes for a winning match.
Tayla’s abilities stretch over a range of skills, from concepts and design to all forms of copywriting. Tayla’s professional skillset includes marketing strategy, conceptualization, design, funnel and advert construction, copywriting, technical integration and analytics.


Interesting Facts about Tayla:

  • In January 2019, Tayla obtained a product applications qualification for a Metal Coating product, Metalier – in Birmingham, United Kingdom. She is currently the only female in Africa to hold these credentials.
  • Inspired by her two young children, Tayla aspires to write a series of children’s short stories, incorporating elements of child safety and fundamental emotional, mental and physical life skills.
  • As a budding Gordon Ramsay, Tayla’s favourite place to be is in the kitchen. She enjoys bringing people together around a meal, whether cooking, baking or creating, and trying out new flavours and recipes.

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